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Created in 2019 with you in Mind

      I understand the complexities of operating a business. A business owner must be able to wear many different hats and take on unfamiliar tasks. Being a business owner is daunting, stressful, and uncertain. But with my help, it doesn’t have to be. 


     Kaytie (Martin) Clarke was raised in rural Lambton County. She achieved an Office Administration Executive diploma in 2012, and Human Resources diploma in 2017. Her work experience includes scale house operation at a busy landfill, operations specialist duties at a material recovery facility, legal secretary responsibilities, and cardiac clinic administration. 

     In 2019, Kaytie decided to open On the Road Admin. Her reasoning? To level the playing field for small businesses so they have a chance to succeed. 

     Small businesses are often at a disadvantage right out of the gate. The reasons could vary from limited operating income, inadequate knowledge of employment legislation, not enough space to hire an employee, or simply just not enough hours in the day. The Admin is here to help you.

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